30+ Items Every Traveler Should Carry On A Trip

30+ Items Every Traveler Should Carry On A Trip

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Strong, lightweight, weatherproof sleeping bags.
Strong, lightweight, weatherproof sleeping bag.

This is the last blog of the travel blog series ‘How To Pack For A Holiday’. This is going to be a very detailed and informative one. In this section, we will tell you about what to pack for every kind of holiday, be it a day trip, a long vacation, a trek, a hike, anything! This is your travel packing bible, you guys!

One by one, we will tell you what all you need to pack for what kind of trip. But before that, take a look at what you do NOT have to pack! Click here to read our blog on What Not To Pack for a holiday.

For A One To Two Days Trip

For A One To Two Days Trip

For short trips you don’t need to pack a lot of stuff, you just need the important things and you’re good to go. If you’re going to camp, hike, explore the wild or a small town, you will need the following things:

  1. A Backpack (22L/ 32L/ 38L/ 40L or whichever one that would be able to fit in all the stuff you need). Preferably it should be strong, lightweight with a lot of pockets so you don’t have to dig in for every small thing.
  2. AirTight Water Proof Bags for storing food items, laundry, or anything for that matter to protect them from getting ruined by the weather or surroundings. This also helps keep things organized and easy to access and store. You can get a LOKSAK waterproof, reusable, sealable storage bags for best utility.
  3. Headlamp/ torch with extra batteries.
  4. Toiletries – Along with your usual grooming items, don’t forget to keep paper soaps, shampoo pouches, etc.
  5. Hiking shoes
  6. Strong, lightweight, weatherproof sleeping bags.
  7. Breathable, lightweight, weatherproof jacket. Make sure the size is right, the fabric is strong, water and weatherproof, and does not restrict your range of motion.
  8. Lightweight, leak-proof, filtered water bottle. The filter in your bottle is necessary as it removes harmful bacteria like E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium oocysts and many other waterborne contaminants.
  9. Disposable bags and polythene bags
  10. First aid kit.
  11. Scarfs, handkerchiefs, socks, extra pair of underwear, sunglasses.
  12. Minimal and absolutely necessary clothing and footwear.
  13. Necessary electronic gadgets with protective gear and the required hiking tools.

For A One Week Trip

Hiking shoes
Hiking shoes

Here you will need a lot more stuff than the day trips but considerably lesser than long vacations. Again, pack necessary things first and then go to the extra stuff ‘you think you might need’.

For your convenience, we have a blog on how to pack smartly so you can use your space wisely.

Click here for Travel Tips, Hacks and Packing Techniques To Make Best Use Of The Space You Have.

30+ items every traveler should take

Edit and omit things as per your convenience from the list above. Apart from all of that, you might need the following stuff:

  1. Sweater/ Sweatshirt/ Light Jacket (1 or 2)
  2. Collared shirt (Optional)
  3. T- shirts (3-4)
  4. Jeans/ Travel Pants (1 or 2)
  5. Trousers/ Lowers (Optional)
  6. A pair of night wear.
  7. Extra pairs of underwear, socks and handkerchiefs, face Towel/ hand Towel (1)
  8. Pairs of shoes/ sandals/ slippers (Minimal)
  9. Grooming Kit, makeup kit
  10. Jewellery (Minimal)
  11. Required electronic gadgets (E- reader, Bluetooth speakers, Laptop, Cables, camera, etc) with covers and protective gear.
  12. Extra pairs for luggage locks just in case.

For Long Vacations

Necessary electronic gadgets with protective gear
Necessary electronic gadgets with protective gear

We have covered everything you might need in the above sections. Now for long vacations, you can pack the above mentioned things, just increasing the quantity. But don’t pack a loooott of stuff, remember that you can always repeat those jeans and coats and sneakers.

For families, packing for when they travel can really be a task. Especially when you travel with your younger ones. Click here to read our blog Travel Tips: How To Pack For Kids.

The extras that you may want to carry to your vacations can include:

  1. Party wear, fancy shoes and extra jewellery .
  2. Hats, sunglasses, swimwear.
  3. Skin care and body care products.
  4. Fancy bags, purses and other accessories.
  5. Ear plugs, Ear Phones, Laptop, Power strips, E= Reader, Hard drive, Camera and camera tools are also very important.
  6. Bandanas, Scarfs, etc.

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