If you love traveling, and you want to share your experience with other people, we welcome you to write for us! Whether you are a writer or a photographer, if you can deliver good work that reads good or looks good, we love to hear from you! Read below the different options we can offer you, and send us a mail on the contact page.

What’s in it for you?

We are trying to grow as a platform where different bloggers and travel enthusiasts can share their tips and their experiences. The idea is to offer an informational website where everyone can have advantage of. When you share a post with us, you are helping us to group information. In return we offer you exposure for your writing or your travel blog. Every article carries your name in the top, and shows a personal fiche, similar to the picture below, at the end of the article, where you can show your picture, have a brief description, and have links to your own website (travel blog) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). You can have backlinks (that help approve your own SEO) in every article, that link to your own material.

personal fiche

Besides this, we’ll promote your post on our social media! Checkout our Instagram account and our Facebook page. Soon we’ll be on Pinterest as well!

Feel the vibe? What can you write about?

Basically, everything that is related to traveling! Have a look at our existing blog for inspiration, or to get an idea of our atmosphere. You can do something similar, but even if you have a different idea, feel free to send us new topic ideas and we can see if they would be a good fit for us!

  • YOUR CITY: The easiest is of course to write about the city you were born, the city you grew up, or the city you currently live. Promote your city in any way you would like it to be promoted. Write us a post about the people, about the best bars or restaurants, the best coffee shops, secret of hidden places, the best touristic hotspots or anything else. The sky is the limit!
  • YOUR TRAVELS: Another thing you can share are your travel experiences. This can also mean some secret hotspots, bars or restaurants, but it can as well be your personal trip. A travel report if you want. It can be shaped in a personal diary, or it can be a critical review or an article. Your personal touch is important to us! The more diversity in the contributions of our guest bloggers, the better!
  • REVIEWS: Every traveler enjoys a good review. If you feel you want to share with us some hotels, hostels, or any other businesses, good or bad, go ahead. When you travel to a place you have never been before, these kind of reviews are one of the most valuable tips to guarantee a good and pleasant holiday without scams or disappointments.
  • REGULAR TIPS: Not every article is related to a specific geographic destination. Take a look at our Travel Tips page. Share with us any general tips, or any experience that is generally related to backpacking, traveling, flying or more.
  • Lifestyle, products, travel retail, organized trips, festivals,…

If you have any questions or doubts, just ask us!

Can I just share my earlier posted stories?

Sure you can! It’s not important if the content is a bit older, or even if it has been posted somewhere else. As long as the content is good and helpful for others, we would love to share it! You can write a brand new article, or you can repost something you have already posted.

I’m in! How do I proceed?

Welcome! We are happy to have you as a part of our team. Send us your text, directly in an email, as a text document attached, or even a link to an existing page online. Don’t forget to add some good pictures to illustrate. We’ll read it through, and let you know if we like it. We’ll take care of the actual posting on our page. Send us the best resolution pictures you have, we’ll do the scaling.

Your post online!!

Thank you! We are proud to have you on our website, and we hope you feel the same! We’ll do our best to attract as much people to your post as possible, to get you the interest you deserve, and the best traffic to your own website and social media! Feel free to share your post on your own social media and bring us the traffic we like too!

Not in English.. Is that a problem?

Depends… If you don’t write in English or are not able to translate it, we do have people working in our office that speak French, Flemish/Dutch, German and Spanish.

Not much of a writer, but you like photography?

We might have a solution for that too… Send us your pictures, and we’ll repost on our Instagram account! Add @wanderlustvlog and tag us, or use the hashtag #wanderlustvlog, and see your own pictures automatically added on http://wanderlustvlog.com/instagram/ !


We look forward to your contributions!






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