Flea market in Mauerpark, Berlin


Flea market in Mauerpark

Mauerpark Flea Market

Prenzlauer Berg-District, Berlin

Every single Sunday of the year, the flea market at Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg gets crowded with tourists and hip Berliners, looking for secondhand clothes, vintage bags, jewellery, and so much more. On top of it, there are several good spots to enjoy some food and some beverages.

The Flea Market



It’s a cold Sunday afternoon somewhere in October, when we decide to have a look at the treasures we might find at the flea market in Mauerpark. After the city of Berlin was hit in the past few days by a quite heavy hurricane named “Xavier”, disturbing public transport and damaging several parts of the city, we arrive with the U-bahn at a nearby station. The weather is sunny though, but fallen trees and broken branches laying on the streets are reminding us of the bad weather of the past days.



The flea market itself consists of people selling various items. They range from clothes and shoes, to bicycles and old vinyl records, furniture, art, and a lot more. The market gets a bit busy, since it is one of the more traditional activities for Berliners, and also tourists, to hang out. The market is well known, but the atmosphere is cosy and enjoyable.



The location of the park, where it also derives the name “Mauerpark” from, is connected to the separation of East- and West-Berlin, and the wall dividing it. When you pay attention, you will notice a lot of bars carrying names referring to this period, and you will also find leftovers or memorials of the wall.


  • Bring some cash along. Since it is a flea market, most standholders do not have the option to pay with credit cards. If you forgot, there are some ATM’s nearby to withdraw cash.
  • Feel free to negotiate the price. Not all product prices are fixed. Go talk to the standholders and see if you can agree something.



Sunday Afternoon Cult: Karaoke at Mauerpark

Just next to the market is the actual park, where you will find people coming together. Some of them are playing music, others are dancing. But the popularity of the flea market at Mauerpark partly stems from the karaoke sessions that are taking at the amphitheatre. It gets really crowded, and it’s a fun place to hangout for a while, and see people take possession of the mic on front of all the others listening.










Cafés and bars around the park

Not only in the designated areas inside the market, but also in the area surrounding the park, you can find sales booths offering international delicacies and beverages, both cold and warm. It’s ideal for a relaxing break and to sit down for a minute in between some shopping and some wandering around. Furthermore, there are many cafés on the streets around Mauerpark that serve coffee and snacks. The entire environment around radiates a friendly and buzzing urban scenery.





Practical Information and Location

Location Maeurpark

Time: Every Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. It usually gets more crowded towards the afternoon.

Address: Bernauer Strasse 63-64, Berlin. Close to the Berlin Wall Memorial, and just next to Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark.

If you are bitten by visiting flea markets, and especially in Berlin, visit www.berlin.de






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  1. Too bad i missed this when i visited berlin. But it was around winter time. Our tourguide never mentioned this, this is definitely another reason to go back to berlin! Such an amazing city!

  2. We love flea markets.We try to visit one in every country we go holidaying in. This one is everything combined into one. Who does not loves one stop for food, music nd shopping. Looks like you had a great time there.

  3. Such a cool way to spend your Sunday – I love flea markets, when I was in Russia I was visiting them every week in search of soviet pins that are now attached to my backpack 🙂 You can find so many weird and curious things at flea markets – did you buy something?

  4. Wow this flea market is a perfect place for me, It clearly reminds me of one place, oh its Dusseldorf. Last time we went there and it was also a feast so there were bunch of markets just like these here. I’ll surely come here when I go back to Berlin.

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