The Garden Of Five Senses In Delhi


All You Need To Know About The Garden Of Five Senses In Delhi

Garden of five senses, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Delhi, was developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation and inaugurated in February 2003.

It’s a place to socialize and unwind while also being able to enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s located in Saidul Ajaib village, near Saket metro station and is spread over a magnificent 20 acres of land. Here, all kinds of activities like tourism, exploration of nature, social gatherings, and various cultural events can take place.

Now let us talk about what all you might find when you get there.

Right when you enter, you’ll find stainless steel birds mounted on slate-clad pillars waiting to welcome you. Then as you cross the wide plaza after the entrance and walk through the high-low, zigzag walkway, you will be greeted by a herd of elephants, beautifully cut in stone, exhibiting the exceptional skills of sculptors.

Elephants Garden of Five Senses Delhi

The garden is further divided into many parts, known for their own special characteristics. One of them is the Khas Bagh, giving an impression like that of the Mughal Garden. It is set beside streams of slowly flowing water and fragrant shrubs and flowers that lead towards a series of fountains.

Khasbagh Garden of Five Senses Delhi

Walk further down the path following the faint fragrances, and you’ll find yourself reaching a rocky ridge. Amidst the rocks, there is a stainless-steel sculpture inspired by a pin wheel.

Pinwheel Statue Garden of Five Senses Delhi

A little while later, you’ll reach the Neel Bagh, which is basically a Bagh of water lilies, lotuses and many more colorful flowers and plants set in the middle of a pond.

Neelbagh Garden of Five Senses Delhi

Look up and you’ll see hundreds of wind chimes hanging from a spiral structure singing with delight for you.

Windchimes Garden of Five Senses Delhi

The highest place in the garden is the Khwabgah, a must visit for religious and curious people. From here, you can see the green cover and the flower shrubs. A sight worth cherishing, especially in the evening.

Greencover Garden of Five Senses Delhi

Also, there is a prayer ground a little further where there are statues of little children praying. The garden has many other sculptures and statues too, symbolizing different things.

Prayerground Garden of Five Senses Delhi

And let’s not forget the Solar Park and Amphitheater.

Amphitheatre Garden of Five Senses Delhi

Restaurants in the Garden of Five Senses

FIO Country Kitchen & Bar

Fio Garden of Five Senses Delhi

Highlights: Open Air Seating, Wi-Fi
Must haves: Paprika Thyme Chicken
Cost For Two: Rs. 3500
Cuisine: European, North Indian, Italian
Address: Gate 1, The Garden of Five Senses (Get Directions)
Contact: +91 11 2953 6309

The Mansion

The Mansion Garden of Five Senses Delhi

Highlights: Open Air Seating, Ambience
Must haves: Moroccan Fautoosh Salad, Litchi Kebab, Penne Pesto
Cost For Two: Rs. 1600
Cuisine: Continental
Address: Gate 3, Garden of Five Senses (Get Directions)
Contact: +91 95 6060 9990



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