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Curated food, photography and a travel experience in the worlds most exciting destinations. Godai Escapes aims to immerse you deeper in the local life, culture and cuisine. Whilst slow traveling with us you will be meeting the most interesting, creative and inspiring local personalities.


The philosophy of Godai Escapes is to bring like-minded adventurers together at the world’s most beautiful destinations. To slow down, immerse themselves in the present and share local food & wine while having the chance to learn photography. Godai Escapes is a highly curated slow travel retreat that offers an in-depth view of destinations by partnering with the most interesting local creatives and talents in food & wine.

We wanted something that was deeper. Our vision is to have our guests come away with a new understanding of themselves and the place we take them to. -Tasya & Eva-

The first six-day Godai Escape is launching in Ibiza, October 18-23, 2017 in a gorgeous bohemian villa with access to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Godai founders Tasya Menaker and Eva Dixon are collaborating with inspiring local insiders like Anne Goelet Sijmonsbergen of the Ibiza Cookbook who will demonstrate an Ibicenco cooking demo do a talk about Demystifying Restaurant Cooking, Renu Kashyap-Abels of the book Ibiza Bohemia who will give insight into her inspiration for the project and do a book signing. Bernat Tatjer of B&Me Wine will present his array of natural & organic wines including the up and coming popular orange wine. Pietro Cuevas, the co-author of the book Conscious Living: the Farmacy Kitchen which will be published in Spring of 2018, will reveal insight on Conscious Eating. Highly praised head chef Adriana Cavita of Peyotito will host a Mexican themed dinner with a mezcal pairing as precursor taste to the next Godai Escape which will take place in Tulum, Mexico in February 2018. The escape will come to an end with an excursion to Ex- Noma chef Boris Buono’s restaurant Ibiza Food Studio for a special treat for the senses.


Capturing the moment
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Tasya, who has been a professional photographer for ten years and has been a local in Ibiza for five years, will host a photography class the first day of the escape for those who want to learn. The six day escape will be a very photogenic and Tasya will be there to assist attendees take beautiful photos be it with a dslr or camera phone. A follow up discussion and review will be held the last day. For advanced photographers this retreat is an opportunity to build their portfolio, and glean inspiration from the island.


Vinyasa yoga with local teacher Leanna Buchanan will be offered every morning to those who want to start their day with a practice among stunning lush scenery. There will be plenty of free time for the guests to mingle and enjoy the nearby beaches of Cala Salda and Punta Galera. The villa has breathtaking views and the golden light of the sunset is nothing short of magical when it touches the surrounding trees and yellow cliffs. There are plenty of chill out spaces for guests to take time for themselves to either relax or reflect. Limited release of just 12 spots make it a more intimate experience.


For who: Food-loving travelers and all those who are interested in experiencing the island in a different light together with like-minded people.

Godai Slow Travel Escapes is an immersive experience to reconnect with yourself and others, awaken your senses and expand your mind. -Tasya & Eva


Day 1: Welcome tapas and local wine. A long Traditional Ibicenco Style Welcome Dinner at the villa. Tasya will host an introductory Photography Class.

Day 2: A Culinary Trip to one of the island’s most sought after authentic restaurants. Long lunch together followed by the afternoon spent at the beach. Introduction to Natural and Organic Wines by Bernat Tatjer. Conscious Food Talk by Pietro Cuevas. Wine Paired Dinner with menu designed by Pietro.

Day 3: Picnic on the Beach whilst we listen to The Stories of Ibiza’s Bohemians by Renu Kashyap-Abels. Ibicenco Cooking Demo with seasonal produce by Anne Goelet Sijmonsbergen and Chef Filippo Alberi. Dinner at El Portalon together with Anne.

Day 4: Photography Excursion with Tasya. Guest chef Adriana Cavita hosts a special Mezcal Pairing Dinner. We will have a few local guests joining us for dinner. Following the meal, we will relax outside and enjoy some live music under the stars.

Day 5: Optional lunch excursion to Ibiza Food Studio with chef Boris Buono. Photography Review and Discussion. Farewell dinner at the villa with seasonal produce.

Day 6: Long breakfast together at the villa before departure.

Itinerary subject to change

Price: From € 2.800 with a special 10% discount if you mention Wanderlust Vlog. Spaces are limited to 12 guests only. For bookings and more info:


The location
© Slow Travel Escape in Ibiza

We will gather at a bohemian style villa which allows to experience the island in a genuine and authentic way.

Facing the islands of Conejera on the West coast of Ibiza, on top of a green forest of pine trees, this charming family house enjoys stunning uninterrupted sea views.

The Villa is walking distance to the charming beaches of Cala Salada and Cala Saladita, next to the flat stones of Punta Galera where you can enjoy the best sunset spot of the island.


The next gathering Tulum
© Slow Travel Escape in Tulum

The next Godai Escape will take place in Tulum, Mexico in February 2018.

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Godai Escapes

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Tasya Menaker and Eva Dixon fortuitiously met in Mexico City and kept crossing paths throughout the world ever since. Their extensive travels and hunger for new experiences caused them to join forces to create Godai Escapes.

  1. Ibiza is an island that caters to every taste, and if you’re looking for a restful break it really does tick every box. 🙂 Ibiza is known for its pristine beaches and no matter where you go on the island, shimmering turquoise waters and soft white sand isn’t very far away !

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