Our Blogger Recognition Award nomination


The Blogger Recognition Award


A big thanx to Alexine from lexieanimetravel.com for nominating us for this award! Alexine is born in the Philippines, but currently living in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2009 she has been traveling,  and from then on realized that the planet earth is really big, and that there’s a lot more to see, a lot more to discover and explore. Her passion is photography, so make sure to also check out her Instagram-account: @lexieanimetravel.



What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The Blogger Recognition Award is given by other travel-bloggers, as an appreciation for all the hard work, time and dedication that a travelblog consumes. The award focuses on websites that are informing, up to date and where new posts are regularly added.

The Blogger Recognition Award Rules

When nominated there are some requirements asked, to spread the award’s popularity, and to participate in the travel online community:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

So here is our contribution:

Story of how wanderlustvlog started

Early beginning of 2017, about 8 months before this nomination, some friends in Antwerp decided to bundle our ideas and our experiences about traveling, and start up a new platform where we could share our experiences with others. Very soon we also had the idea to not just create a blog, but an online platform where also other travel enthusiasts could share their experiences. We needed some time to do some research, to design our website and to talk with other people to learn how things should be done. We created some social media accounts to spread the word, and to attract people to our site. Now, 8 months later, we are growing fast, but we are not yet finished. The website is for 80% finished, and we are trying to get our social media a bit up and running. So far so good, here are some early numbers about our growth we would like to share:

  • It started slow, but in 8 months time we have had over 78,000 people visiting our site, based on different IP addresses. In total they have all together viewed our website 160,385 times to be exact!! Our top page has been viewed 12,775 times, and has been shared on different social media over 1,000 times! On average our website is visited between 500 and 1500 times a day. That’s not yet where we want to be, but considering we only recently started, it’s a pretty amazing amount of people that already found us! These are our 3 most visited pages:


  • Alexa-ranking: Alexa Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon.com; a company that is based in California, USA. Alexa specializes in commercial web traffic data. All websites are monitored, and the 30 million most popular websites around the globe get a ranking. We started without any ranking for several months, not even getting in the top 30,000,000… However, the hard work paid off, and slowly we entered and gained ranking. We are very proud to say that today we are in the top 850,000 worldwide, in the top 16,500 of our own country, and growing! Check the most recent update here: alexa.com/siteinfo/wanderlustvlog.


  • Site value: A different tool to measure the popularity of our site is an estimation of the value, based on several numbers like ranking and visitors. This can be important for advertising, something we want to do in the future, to make a little extra cash to keep our website running. Right now we are investing our own money and time, but to continue growing and being competitive, we will have to find some income somehow. If you are curious, these are the estimations for our website according to worth-of-web, the most known tool to calculate the online value: worthofweb.com/website-value/wanderlustvlog.


  • Social Media: We are still working hard on this, since it is time consuming. But we will focus in the next months, and try to get stronger there too. Meanwhile we can say around 8,000 people follow us on Instagram, some 250 do the same on Facebook, and Pinterest we just reached about 130 people. But again, our focus will be social media. Feel free to follow us on these platform, that you will find on this website, or just look for us: wanderlustvlog.


Two pieces of advice to give to new bloggers

Well, not an easy one… We are not thàt experienced so far, but we’ll give it a try!

First of all, it’s a lot of hard work. Before you even start getting some results, weeks and months have passed, and you will have been behind your laptop for many hours, figuring out things, trying things, deleting, starting again and so on. But don’t give up. With every step you come closer to where you want to be. People need to find their way to you, and that takes time. But all the efforts are never thrown away, and while you’re at it, you are learning important and interesting things!

Secondly, build your community around you. Try to be in all the social media, spread the word. Slowly, you will start see people coming towards you. You’ll get your first feedback, that is really valuable! Listen to your audience, they are who you will be doing it for in the end! Not only your visitors are important, but also your “colleagues”! The other travelbloggers! You can learn from them, talk with them, and basically build a network around you. Try to help them, and ask if they can help you if you need advice. Travelers are known to be open minded people, and it’s a very friendly and open community that is nice to be part of!

Our nominees are….

Well, give us some time! In the next few days we will be making our selection! Check back soon, to find our list completed! Meanwhile: thanx again for nominating us lexieanimetravel.com, it’s really heartwarming to receive this nomination from you!

Good luck to all the other out there that are nominated! We wish you all the best in this contest!



The entire wanderlustvlog-team!















Dolf Van Sprengel

chief executive wanderer

Dolf Van Sprengel is born and raised in Antwerp, and loves to travel to discover new cultures. Dolf loves nature and religion, amongst many other things. Since 2017 Dolf is the administrator of WANDERLUSTVLOG.

  1. Hi! Congrats on getting nominated, and thank you very much for nominating me in return, I really appreciate it! I recently decided not to feature awards on my page anymore, so please feel free to remove my link and/or nominate someone else:) I’m sorry about the hassle! Thanks again:)

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