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It’s New Years Eve, and I had just been walking down the beach in Palolem with some friends, watching the fireworks, standing until our waist in the warm water. We had some drinks, and we decide to go to a small club called Cozy Noon, on the other side of the bay, about half an hour walking from where we are at. When we enter the club, in front of the beach and in between the coconut trees, we head straight to the dance floor. After a little while I notice a small group of friends, and one girl in particular. We get to talking, and Emily appears to be an interesting personality, full of life and joy and with her own view of things. We would spend the next days together.

Emily is born and raised in London, and is a multifaceted person. She is a fashion designer and the founder of the fashion website Luna Love London. She attended the University of Leeds where she graduated with a degree in graphic design, and she worked for the Chelsea Magazine Company. Emily is known for her appearance on the British reality TV series Made in Chelsea. Besides all this, she loves traveling, she likes a good party, and she’s gaining success as a Tech House DJ going by the name of EM:LY. Like many, Emily has escaped the hustle and bustle of the big city, to unwind on a well deserved holiday. Time to hear her out why she’s here in Goa.

Hi Emily, in the meantime you are a some time in Goa, how do you like it here?

“I couldn’t have a bigger smile on my face. Pure happiness right now. That’s how I feel about my experience so far. This place is magical and beautiful, even if I have over stayed my welcome in Goa for over a month, a lot longer than I planned. Being here right now in this present moment and I’m already happier than I have ever been in over 6 months. It’s amazing how being out of London and away from drama and routine can change your mood instantly. Oh and of course it helps being in a beautiful place in India with some of the most interesting people I have met.”

Is that why people travel you think?

“It feels like everyone is here for the same reason, or here to feel free from the bullshit in their lives, getting away from the ordinary and being free from worries, problems, negativity and drama. There are so many different people here from different countries and backgrounds where a lot of people don’t speak the same language but yet again we all do speak the same ‘language’ without even understanding. With just a smile, a gesture, a wave and we all understand each other, united in this world, a friend in this moment.”

It sounds like you are meeting interesting new people?

“I feel like the people I have met here have been my friends my entire life. Strange I know but out here it feels like one massive dream. A dream where everything is in color, where people come together to re write or add to the pages in their book, for peace, happiness, escapism or just to feel grounded.”

Would you advice people back in Europe to travel more?

“Yes!! I sound like one big hippy who loves everything and everyone right now, but that’s the way it should be. I can’t thank my friends and family for making me take this journey. So many people need this time in their life to find out who they really are, why they belong and focus on themselves rather than worrying. That’s exactly what I needed. London for me became too toxic, mostly because I am known for worrying way too much about everything and anything, especially what people think about me. Ok I sound like I escaped London, and maybe that’s exactly what I needed to do.”

Was it a big step for you to book a ticket and go?

“Everyone has to take a leap of faith once in their lifetime. Don’t get me wrong I love London, my friends and my family but in this moment I needed to let go of the negative in my life and become more of a free spirit. Life is too short, why fit in when we were born to stand out.”

“Life is too short, why fit in when we were born to stand out.”

I did some research, and I read on your blog something very interesting about Bipolarity… Does this influence your travelling somewhow?

“I’ve already learnt so much about myself being on this journey. Don’t get me wrong, suffering with Bipolar is always going to be a constant struggle for me, especially when my lows can be extremely low. Yes it scares me being away from the people who understand me, but then again this is the perfect time in my life for me to understand me. The Emily that doesn’t need to worry, doesn’t need to feel sad, and doesn’t need to please people. This is my journey, nobody else’s, where I can find my inner happiness and turn those negative thoughts into positive thoughts.”

So you would definitely recommend it to people in the same position?

“If you’re in the same position as me then you need to use this time in the best possible way so you can experience as much as you can, meet as many people as possible, talk to healers, spiritual people, meditate, practice yoga, read books, enjoy the present and focus on pure happiness. Always remember that nothing is forever and feelings will pass. The problems we create in our heads through our emotions is something we have control of and we can change them. That’s why I’m here because I don’t need to worry anymore.”

Thank you for being so open! Any last advice you would like to share with us?

“We need to live in the present moment, don’t think about what’s happened in the past, or what you want or don’t want in the future, but think about the now. This very moment. Take a look around you with your feet firmly to the floor and except this is today and be grateful for this day, tomorrow will bring you a new day, a new chapter in your book, it’s just up to you how you write it. We all have a purpose in life and your life is a story. Write it well and edit it often. Find what makes you happy.”

“We all have a purpose in life and your life is a story. Write it well and edit it often. Find what makes you happy.”


Thank you so much Emily, for sharing your experience and your wisdom with us!


Checkout Emily’s blog: UNICØRN BEHAVIØUR to read more about her. Follow her on Instagram @emily_weller to stay tuned with her latest travel updates, or have a listen at some of her fine tech house mix sets on her Soundcloud page!!


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