How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours

You’ve found yourself on the West Coast and only have 48 hours to explore Australia’s hidden gem. Business trip, a weekend away, or if you are a local wanting explore, Perth has activities and destinations to suit everyone. We have your weekend diary ready with all the top tips to experience Perth to the fullest.

Friday Night – Hungry?

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours: 140 Perth
140 Perth

So, you’ve arrived in Perth and checked into your accommodation… what now? Are you tired? Perth has plenty of on-demand, food delivery services for you to choose from. Whether it’s been a long flight or a long day, you can have anything from Mediterranean to Asian style food within half an hour.

Ready to explore? Take some time to yourself and indulge in some of Perth’s best restaurants. 140 Perth is located on the corner of William and Murray Street Mall and has many restaurants and bars to offer. From Jamie’s Italian to Nandos, this area in Perth’s Central Business District is one not to be missed.

Saturday Morning – Crisp Morning, not Skin.

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours: Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach

Let’s be honest, summer in Perth can get hot, really hot. The last thing you want on your journey home is a burnt back, trust us. Instead, enjoy Perth’s beautiful beaches in the morning where you can experience the most incredible sunrises over a pristine white sand beach. Where can you enjoy this? Well, you can’t say you’ve been to Perth unless you have soaked up the sun on one of Australia’s most known beach destinations – Cottesloe. Take a breakfast picnic, experience the sunrise and most importantly, enjoy the salt water on your skin.

TIP: Found yourself in Perth in March? Don’t miss Sculptures by the Sea which is a free annual art exhibition on the shores of Cottesloe Beach.

Saturday Lunch – Dine in the Valley

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours: Swan Valley
Swan Valley

Just 30 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the city is Perth’s Swan Valley – West Australia’s oldest wine region. With an endless supply of food and drink options to keep everyone happy, it’s hard to miss this region on your Perth bucket list.

TIP: Travelling alone? Join an organised group tour to have company while you enjoy the serenity of a glass of wine in the beautiful Perth Hills.

From pub-style to upscale fine dining, the Swan Valley is a must for families, couples and singles.

Saturday Night – Dinner and a Show

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours: Chinatown
Williams Street Chinatown

Enjoy a taste of Asia with a plethora of both fine dining, pop-up and authentic restaurants to choose from. With the main part of William Street dedicated to Chinatown, it will be hard not to find something perfect for you. My top picks:

  • Upmarket: Bonsai Restaurant and Cafe Lounge
  • Authentic: Viet Hoa
  • Modern: Lucky Chans Laundry + Noodle Bar

After dinner, check out Perth’s entertainment scene. Walk down William Street to the Culture Centre and enjoy a show or exhibition. Otherwise, simply walk through the city to Elizabeth Quay and visit the latest pop-up and permanent bars.

TIP: 26th of January – 25th of February 2017 is host to Fringe World which is Western Australia’s largest annual arts platform. With over 700 shows across 150 venues so you have an abundance to choose from.

Sunday Morning – Market Mornings

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours: Fremantle Markets
Fremantle Markets

After a bit of a sleep in, head over to one of Perth’s oldest cities, Fremantle. Along with heaps of exploring opportunities (the Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Arts Centre & Museum), there’s one aspect of Fremantle that you need to discover. The Fremantle Markets were built in 1897 and today boasts over 150 stalls with each just as unique as the next. The markets operate mainly on weekends with the best time to go on a Sunday.

Discover local food, indigenous and independent products, rich history, heritage architecture, and a superb atmosphere. These markets and Fremantle, in general, are not to be missed and if you listen carefully you may be able to hear a tram from former times.

Sunday Afternoon – Lunch in the Park

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours: Beaufort Street
Beaufort Street

Beaufort Street is one of the top strips in Perth. Starting at the base of Perth City, Beaufort street extends all the way up past the historic Mount Lawley to the town of Morley (6km to be exact). Head to the middle of Beaufort Street and you’ll find Mount Lawley which is home to heritage listed properties, the Astor Theatre and known pubs such as the Flying Scotsman and the Queens.

Grab a takeaway lunch, walk down to Hyde Park and enjoy sitting under large Moreton Bay fig trees masked from the sun’s rays. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a wedding!

Sunday Night – Be a King

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours: Kings Park
Kings Park

Time’s up! You want to reflect on your sensational 48 hours in one of the most livable cities on Earth. Pack a picnic and pop over to Kings Park to enjoy the sunset over the City of Perth. You don’t have to do anything here, just sit back and enjoy the sunset while surrounded by over 3000 species of WA’s unique flora and fauna.

Quick Tips

How to Experience Perth in 48 Hours: TransPerth
TransPerth System


We know that hotel living isn’t for everyone. It can be pricey and when you’re in a small city, sometimes it’s nicer to experience a home. Short-term rentals are booming and as they are fully furnished and provide the necessities that you experience at home, it’s easy to understand why.


Like all major cities, Perth public transport options across the city. Buses, ferries and trains are all available on the TransPerth system. Renting a car, taxi services and on-demand transport services (Uber & Shofer) are alternative options.

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