Bhutan- The Happiest Country In Asia


And Your Next Travel Destination!

We all know that Bhutan is one of the most beautiful places to visit. But there is more to this country than the beauty. Its amazing culture, people and food makes it one of the top travel destinations.

Here’s why Bhutan must be the next one to tick off your travel bucket list:

The beautiful Dzongs


Dzongs are ancient forts which are huge and mesmerizing examples of Bhutanese architecture. All the architecture lovers, take notes!



From Kewa-Datsche, Chicken Datsche to Pork Datsche and beef pudding, you name it and you have it. A spicy combination soup of meat, cheese and lots of green chilies is something you should definitely not miss.

The Locals


If you are not aware, this little nation ranks first on the happiness index among all countries in Asia. The Gross National Happiness Index ranks this country at the top!

Mountain Treks


There are beautiful mountains you can trek to. If you’re lucky, you might get to trek on the snow clad mountains!

Monastries or the famous – Tiger Nest Monastry a.k.a Taktsang Goemba


There are many theories as to why this is named as the Tiger Nest Monastry, but the most common heard is that a Buddhist Monk tamed a wild tiger and settled on top of the mountain where he built this monastery. An 6-8 hour trek, totally worth the climbing!



The festivals here are surely not to be missed if you enjoy exploring new culture and music.

Spiritual Paradise


As we all know this is a Buddhist country, but the Buddhism here is very different from the Buddhism back in India. You have to be there to know what exactly this means.



Museums are always exciting, and we get to learn so much from them. Museums here are peaceful, beautiful and informative.

Arts and Crafts, especially the ‘Phallus’

There is so much to explore and shop here in the Bhutanese markets. You have a lot of variety when it comes to UGGS, Kiras (local attire), shawls and also wooden artifacts.

Ladies in the traditional attire – Kira.


And then the vast markets you don’t want to miss shopping at!


The Phallus, representing the penis is a way to promote copulation and increase the population of the country. It represents fertility, birth and reproduction. You can see paintings and wooden sculptures of Phallus on everything.

Chimi-Lhakhang-Bhutan-Happiest-countryThis is a beautiful painting of the Phallus on a house and below are the wooden sculptures as mentioned earlier.


Black Necked Crane Centre


Aren’t these birds pure beauty?

Phobjhika Valley is one of the places to which very few people have been till now. The black necked cranes from Tibet migrate to Phobjikha during November-December. There are a treat to our eyes as they dance in pairs and circle the golden roof of the centre.


This centre is formed to protect the fauna of this place, you can see these cranes from a telescope at a distance so you don’t scare them away.

The black necked cranes are so special to the people here, they even have a festival named after them.


People dancing and singing at the Black Necked Crane Centre.

Delis and bakeries


There are very cute delis and cafes, which have Wifi and lip smacking desserts as well as savories. A must try indeed!

Local alcohol

Local alcohol made from rice, mustard in bamboo shoots is one thing you cannot afford to miss if you are visiting. Also the regular alcohol is tax free, so enjoy without burning a whole in your pocket!


Doesn’t it sound beautiful? We have covered all the reasons why you must go to here next. Please do let us know if you think of any more, and also write to us your experience about this amazing place.

Till then, happy traveling.



Images by Bhutan Tourism







Shweta Shah

Guest Wanderer

Shweta is Director at Tell Me Nothing. She's from Bombay, India and studied at the M.K.Sanghvi College of Commerce and Economics.

  1. Hahaha. Reading about the happiest country in the world, made me laugh a lot!! Especially with the pictures that show certain body parts shape 🙂

  2. What a great place to visit. Those little kids in your photo are adorable too. I loved their smiles. It looks like the type of place where you can keep busy for quite awhile. I love the market too. I always like exploring them in new places.

  3. I’m sold! I’ve always wanted to visit the Tigers Nest Monastery, and it’s great to know there are so many wonderful things to see and do in Bhutan.

  4. Bhutan is definitely on my list. I studied Buddhism in college so I always love visiting places that have a unique, and especially spiritual, practice. Great post – that food looks awesome too!

  5. The inclusion of the phallus in eastern art amazed us. We went to Princess Cave in Thailand and the local fisherman made a practice of giving the princess gifts of phallus(es?) (phalli?). We really want to go to Bhutan. I love how the country believes in that making people happy is a worthy goal.

  6. I am a monastery and arts & crafts lover! I do think in a parallel universe I was a Buddhist – so you can imagine how much I want to visit Bhutan! Love your headline – happiest place in Asia! 🙂

  7. The hiking looks spectacular – I mean who wouldn’t enjoy those incredible views. With so much great food and culture and scenery, why wouldn’t they be the most happy people?

  8. We’ve never been to Bhutan and your photos have really inspired us to go there. I love the one with the two little girls, they look absolutely adorable! The monasteries look so stunning, and the food seems to be delicious. Thank you so much for this inspiring post.

  9. Bhutan has been eluding me for long now, twice I had planned and I had to cancel. 🙁
    I am missing a lot there. The tiger hill story amazes me. And the food too looks delicious.

  10. ok ok I’m sold! I’ve always wanted to visit but your photos and descriptions have just sent this to the top of my list! I think the trekking alone would make it worth the visit. I can see why it’s such a happy country.

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