6 Great Photos To Make You Want to Travel to Romania



Romania is a country full of beauty that isn’t shown off enough, so here is our little bit to try and do it a bit more justice!

Balea Lake – Situated at 2,034 metres above sea level, this glacier lake in the Fagaras mountains is spectacular!

Travel to Romania - Balea Lake
Balea Lake

Scarisoara Ice Cave – Hidden in the Apuseni mountains this ice cave will keep you captivated!

Travel to Romania - Scarisoara Ice Cave
Scarisoara Ice Cave

The Romanian Countryside – Not a place, but the countryside in Romania is seriously stunning!

Travel to Romania - Romanian countryside
Romanian countryside

Museum Satului – Located in Bucharest this museums shows what village life was like through the years!

Travel to Romania - Museum Satului
Museum Satului

The Transfagarasan – Arguably the most famous road in the world, and rightly so!

Travel to Romania - The Transfagarasan
The Transfagarasan

The Arcul de Triumf – Bucharest is sometimes known as mini-Paris. Although some may not agree, it does share some similarities!

Travel to Romania - Arcul de Triumf
Arcul de Triumf

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