2017 Summer Bars In Antwerp


Summer is coming, brace yourself!

Where to enjoy the summer at its best?


Antwerp is known for its pop up summer bars. And now the doors are opening, the carpets are rolled out for locals and tourists alike. And this year we have a fine selection of rooftop bars, hidden gems, chill places and hipster hotspots!

The Dirty Rabbit closes it’s doors for the summer and opens not 1 but 2 summer bars! Woop woop! Their delicious cocktails and delightful appetizers will be served in completely different surroundings. Let us introduce the first bar:


Black Smoke Rooftop


The terrace on top of the city’s brewery De Koninck is transferred into a rooftop bar with a serious New York feel. An urban setting with a view over the Albert park, next to one of Antwerp’s highest Towers… This place has all the right vibes. What else would you want? Hmmm, drink and food ‘til late in the evening! Guess what? You’ll find it here. So what’s the catch you say, well… it’s only open when the weather allows it, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a lot of heat this summer!


Place to be: Stadsbrouwerij De Koninck, Mechelsesteenweg 291.

Website: blacksmoke.be


And just around the corner you’ll find their second place:


Smokey Jo’s Cantina


Formerly known as Smokey Jo’s Garage and Summer Josephine’s… And this year they reinvented themselves again: Smokey Jo’s Cantina. The theme of this year is Baywatch. So expect beach boys, sand, huts and shacks and even a lifeguard tower! So, if you like to be saved from the hectic city life, this is your secret escape. No need to drown yourself in work, these guys will save you with their Californian dreams…


Place to be: Baywatch 2017 in  Boomgaardstraat 17

Website: www.smokeyjoscantina.be


For those of us who prefer to see the actual waves of the water, we list a few of our favorite spots to enjoy some magical sunsets.




If you fancy the boho-chic festival vibes then we suggest Jardim. This cheerful garden concept with a beach feel is just a step away from ’t Eilandje and its beautiful museum MAS. Finger food with cocktails next to the container village stAck. The whole concept is about sustainability, circular economy and ecological awareness. If this does not make you feel good about your cocktail, we don’t know either…

Jardim is open every day, except for Mondays, when the weather is nice. If the weather is doubtful, you can always check here if Jardim is open or not. And if it’s open: at 4PM they light up their BBQ and you can get delicious food at 15€ pp!!


Place to be: Scheldekaai 28

Website: www.jardim-antwerp.be


Lazy Jack


In the same neighborhood you’ll find our secret garden with a little less sand and a bit more greenhouse look: Lazy Jack claims to give you the overall experience. Lunch, apero, diner… They brought in the French chill atmosphere and petanque! And of course, if you’re up for it, yoga sessions to keep us this relaxed for the whole summer.

Place to be: Kattendijkdok – Oostkaai

Website: www.fmt-be.com/nl/project-de-kijker-2


Bar paniek


Bar Paniek is another option a few steps further down the quay. This summer bar isn’t new and has earned its reputation of established ecologic hotspot. Laid back and cosy are the key words here. Just don’t sit to close tot he water, you might drop something precious in… By the way, if you see a phone floating around, please contact wanderlustvlog 😉

Place to be: Kattendijkdok – Oostkaai

Website: facebook.com/Bar-Paniek


Just a little further down the corner you’ll find the next gem.


ZVA: Zomerbar and Zomerfabriek


zomerbar_Antwerpen1© Sigrid Spinnox and Dries Luyten

The organizer of these bars is ZVA: Zomer Van Antwerpen, the city’s own investment. Besides these fabulous bars, the have plenty more activities for you to enjoy! Check out their website. Local graffiti artists are involved in creating the right vibe, with plenty of color. If you happen to be there, take a closer look at what the aerosolkings have created this time. These graffiti artists will organise another Meeting of Styles at the end of the summer. On the 25th, the 26th and the 27th of August local and international street artists are going to take over the walls of the Zomerfabriek and its surroundings and skillfully repaint them all!

  1. Sipping on a cocktail under the trees feeling a chilling breeze and looking at the masterpieces will certainly leave you wondering if you haven’t been dropped on  a tropical island… To make the experience even more unforgettable and magical, there will be not one, not two, but 4 circuses for your enjoyment!

A place loved by everyone, young and old. It’s the mix that lets you see what Antwerp is all about: slightly eclectic, the best people, food and beverages from all over the world.


Places to be: Sloepenweg and Minkelersstraat 2

Websites: www.zva.be and www.zomerfabriek.be


Still no idea where to go? Just follow your sense of direction… Left, or North… You just can’t go wrong!

Cross the river and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the spirit is also alive here.


Bar Left


Bar Left is alive and kicking. A bar, a grill and a beer garden are installed to provide the guest the cooling they seek during the long summer days. Chill just got a new coolness added to its meaning. And with the beach nearby, you know you can’t go wrong with checking it out and watching the pretty lights from the city as the sun starts to set…

For all the party freaks: on a yearly base Bar Left makes you dance to the beats of only Belgian music classics on their by now legendary “La Fête Des Belges”, this year on Thursday the 20th of July from 3PM until 11PM.


Place to be: katwilgweg, 2050 Antwerpen

Website: facebook.com/barleft


Bar Noord


Bar Noord is the successor of the famous (or notorious) Cargo Zomerbar. Beach chairs, water at your feet and every month new flavors to discover… A proven concept with just enough changes from time to time for you to want to come back! The park’s surroundings offer plenty of space for those who prefer a pick nick, and visitors are more than welcome to do so.

Place to be: Viaduct-Dam 64-80, 2060 Antwerp

Website: facebook.com/barnoord


Fancy something more classy and luxurious? Let us introduce you to Antwerp’s skybar and a novelty in the city center.


Skybar Lindner hotel


On top of the Lindner hotel you can enjoy the cool breeze in an arty atmosphere. Andy Warhol’s pop-art inspired the look and feel of this year’s bar, which celebrates it’s fifth opening. The new decoration comes also with a new concept: you can enjoy drinks and for food you’re very welcome to get whatever you like delivered with the popular courier service Deliveroo.

Place to be: Lange Kievitstraat 125, 2018 Antwerp

Website: skybarantwerp.be


For those who choose to stay in the city center




Gaspare, la Piazza Dell’Aperitivo is the full name of this new hotspot where you can find the Campari bar. This is actually a quite unique environment as it was once the house of Jacob Jordaens. But don’t let this intimidate you, you’re more than welcome in this Mediterranean bar with Italian vibes and fine herbs that fill the air with their hunger and thirst inducing scents. Just a tip: if you drop by on Thursday evening, you’ll get some free appetizers. We dig that! More than once!


Place to be: Reyndersstraat 6, 2000 Antwerp

Website: piazzagaspare.be


Create your own spot by the river!


I guess this has to be the most chill and relaxed hipster spot of town… Your own chosen place by the river side with some friends and everyone brings something along… Everyone in Antwerp knows that these evenings enhance friendships and create new bonds. It doesn’t matter if the wine is a Château Migraine and the fries are already cold: those nights are what we essentially live for… Bonding as equals under the enchanting sky…




























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